Timber Products : Textures Timber


Timbers surfaced 4 sides smooth through a planer. We will surface the timber to ½” below full size, except for kiln dried 8” and larger timbers that will be surfaced to ¾” under full size.


Mill rough textures typically have torn raised grain and the texture can vary slightly. Our stock is Full Sawn sized to the even number dimension.


Milling a timber through band saw creates a fine sawn appearance that is slightly smaller in dimension, but uniform, square and clean.

Wire Brushed

Wire brushing removes the soft grain creating raised grain, giving the timbers natural looking aged appearance. This texture is perfect for antique type finishes.


We offer a variety of hewing techniques to create a rustic appearance. There are three patterns, Standard, Radius and Anderson Hewn. In addition to hewn textures, you can have custom adze hewn and hand scraped timbers using authentic tools. See our Hewn Timber page for more examples of custom hewn.