Ghost Wood Siding & Trim Products

Ghost Wood products are new wood products that resemble reclaimed wood, at half the price of reclaimed lumber. We offer colors and textures adapted from the rustic wood barns, siding, and flooring found in historic and scenic Montana. Ghost Wood is truly “Reclaimed from Mother Nature”.

Montana Ghost Wood products:

  • Are finished and protected, ready to be installed at the jobsite
  • Are made from tight knot, sound timber, culled for defects, resulting in a nearly 100% usable product
  • Come in a variety of sizes, profiles, and colors for design flexibility
  • Are made largely from dead standing timber including beetle and forest fire killed lumber, for a truly eco-conscious choice
  • Have little to no maintenance

Montana Ghost Wood has intentionally been designed to change color, continuing to weather as time goes on depending on location and exposure, with the ultimate goal to mimic the mottled appearance of old, unmaintained buildings.

Wood Source stock includes Bannock Brown and Silver City, in Weathered Circle Sawn texture, in several shiplap profiles and square edge trim boards. Other items are available by special order.

Ghost Wood varies in color shades and tones much the same as reclaimed wood. Bannack Brown will vary from dark brown to tan; Silver City will vary from silver grey to grey brown. The degree to which Ghost Wood will maintain or change color depends on location and exposure to weather. Color change can be minimized by periodic application of a clear coat. Left alone, Ghost Wood will continue to age, the degree to which, again depending on location. Some colors will darken, others will lighten as time goes on. Properly acclimated and installed, Ghost Wood can be expected to perform as well as or better than comparable products. Ghost Wood requires little or no maintenance depending on the above mentioned factors and your long term goal for the appearance of the product.