Cedar : Shingle Siding

Cedar Valley Shingle Panels are handcrafted with the highest grades of Western Red Cedar. Truly great buildings are designed and constructed to stand the test of time. That’s why leading builders and architects choose Cedar Valley siding systems for their finest projects.

Our complete exterior siding systems consist of handcrafted eight-foot panels, and matching corners, radius flares, column wraps and decorator shapes, all constructed using 100% Western Red Cedar shingles mounted over an integrated fiberglass moisture barrier onto a strong plywood backing.

Grades & Specifications

  • Choose from staggered or even butt-line in 5.33” or 7.25” exposed.
  • ½” thick shingles with keyway spacing
  • Unfinished or pre-stained or pre-painted.
  • Custom corners, flairs and exposures are available.

Western Red Cedar shingles and shakes

We offer 18” R&R Boxed Shingles, and bundled shingles and shakes as #1 Blue Label Shingles or #1 18” Medium hand-split Shakes.

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