Wood Source HewingCedar : Hewn & Wavy Edge Siding

Hewn Siding

The rustic charm of hand hewn stacked timber home can be achieved with our unique hewn siding. Our Channel Lap siding is specially milled and dried to meet our highest standards. A resawn texture is standard, but we offer three patterns of hewing and it can be used with or without chinking. Slab siding refers to planks gapped with chinking applied after installation.

Pre-Chinked Siding

Imagine siding delivered to you pre-finished and with chinking already applied. For pre-chinked siding we offer Shasco’s Chinker Edge hand tooled onto each piece of siding in a controlled environment. You save time and money over site applied chinking and your home will have instant curb appeal.

Wavy Edge Siding

Haida Skirl wavy edge siding combines the natural beauty of Western Red Cedar with a unique process that creates a deep textured edge.